Welcome to "Hispanics Have A Voice Too" We must unite!

Welcome to "Hispanics Have A Voice Too" We must unite!

Welcome to "Hispanics Have A Voice Too" We must unite!Welcome to "Hispanics Have A Voice Too" We must unite!Welcome to "Hispanics Have A Voice Too" We must unite!

Our Vote is our Voice

Our Voice is our Vote

Lets make our vote victorious

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Children in Cages

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About Us

Our Mission

    · To strengthen and empower the Hispanic Community  by raising awareness and leveraging the opportunities that Hispanics provide to any political party by promoting the voting rights of Hispanics/Latinos and other minorities.     

Our top issues

    · Advocate for immigration reform that can stop the separation of families; · Advocate for healthcare for minorities without a voice.     

Our involvement

  Hispanic population opportuneness and enhancing voting rights and choices to the Hispanics now living in North Dakota. HHAVT seeks to establish partnerships with other Hispanic and non-Hispanic organization by offering educational and leadership development programs, services and activities that promote the development of participants as effective professionals and strong leaders. HHAVT endorses its mission of developing and implementing programs that promote the integration of Hispanic immigrants into the North Dakota society by implementing proven strategies for reaching the Hispanic community externally and leveraging Hispanic talent internally.     

Nuestros Logros Exitosos

HHAVT has successfully helped dozens of green card holders become US citizens and is currently helping those that meet all immigration requirements to have a legal status become legal.

HHAVT ha logrado el exito en que decenas de personas que tenian la targeta verde o sea residentes legales de estados unidos se hayan convertido en ciudadanos estadunidenses y actualmente esta ayudando aquellos que reunen los requisitos para obtener un estatus legal, se conviertan en residentes legales de EEUU.

What is happening

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From the Grand Forks Herald


 Maria Berlin, executive director of the Hispanic Have a Voice Too, is a vivid advocate for immigration reform including the "Dreamers" and the separation of families among many other immigration issues. (Photo by Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald) 

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Hispanic's Have A Voice Too

(701) 850-0633


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

If we do not answer leave us a message and we will call you back.

Our Co-Founder Bill Berlin is interviewed

Maria Berlin 
Executive Director HHAVT
Co-Chair ND Hispanic Caucus

Our Director

Maria Berlin is the Executive Director of HHAVT and the founder of the ND Hispanic Caucus.